confection collection

confection collection

Welcome to Rabble-Rouser Chocolate and Craft Co's Confection Collection, a monthly subscription box chock full of delightful surprises. 

Each month will feature different and varied products concocted right in our factory store in Montpelier, Vermont. You can (of course!) be sure to receive decadent chocolate and confections to delight your soul and rouse your taste buds. Each box will include an in-store exclusive house-made product (think chocolate skull in October, or a luscious limited edition truffle). But who knows what else? Candles? Maybe. Artwork? Possibly. Stickers? Perhaps. The mystery awaits you.

We invite you to spread the love, stir up some trouble, and for goodness sake, demand great chocolate! Join in the fun and indulge in this intriguing yet affordable Confection Collection box for yourself, or gift a subscription to a loved one (hint: the holidays are coming). Order by the 25th of the month to start receiving your box the following month. Choose from a three months or six months subscription. Only $25 a box! Including free shipping!

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