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Chocolate Sourcing

We believe our chocolate is the best you’ll ever taste! We use top-quality cacao beans from Central and South America, grown on family owned farms. Our sourcing company works closely with these farmers to maintain their land and increase the quality of life for those who work it. We are proud to work with and support this sustainable, ethical operation, and know you’ll taste the difference in our products.

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Check out the "Aired-Out" Podcast by JD Green!

Ahead of their FEM COM event THE HEAT GETS TURNED UP on AIRED OUT as I welcome the ladies of Nutty Steph's in Middlesex VT (Jaquelyn Rieke and Martina Anderson) in celebration of International Women's Day. They're trying to raise $100,000 for Planned Parenthood of Northern New England by selling 100,000 chocolate vulvas. Watch Aired-Out on Now

We are proud to partner with, Hilde Atalanta!

Illustrations from The Vulva Gallery have been incorporated into our one of a kind collectors cards, 1 of 8 found in every chocolate vulva box. Each one provides sexual health education and shows beautiful images of vulvas from all over the world! Helps us raise $25,000 for Hilde and  The Vulva Gallery, by purchasing a vulva (or five) today! Instagram: @hildeatalanta /

Talking Chocolate Vulvas with Martina Anderson of Nutty Steph's!

Martina Anderson pronounces the word "vulva" differently from most Vermonters. A native of Austria, she gives the first syllable a rounder, fuller sound. Her "vul" rhymes with "wool." Voolvah.

Feedback from our Instagram Followers

The vulvas have made it to Maine! Many have enjoyed them, my cards are on the fridge. ♥️ Thank you for supporting PPNE!


I used the vulva trading cards to teach my daughter about her changing body. We had a great mom-to-daughter chat.