About us

Rabble-Rouser Chocolate & Craft Co. distributes granola and chocolate directly to food coops and independent grocers across Vermont, based out of two public factory stores that boast the sweet aroma of fine fresh chocolate and free chocolate sample, plus toasty Vermont Granola and maple pistachio toffee on the stove. We, the worker-owners, make the chocolate ourselves with care. We serve it with love... like we own the place. Here at Rabblerouser.net, find food to nourish yourself in this frenzied life. We believe the act of making a really nice treat, or serving it, or eating it, or giving it away, constitute some of the simple medicine of being human. We invite you, our customers, to take a delicious bite, spread some love, cause some trouble and, for Christ's sake, lay down your guilt forever. .

We aim to become an all Worker-Owned national urban chain with a local flair at each store based on the inspiration of the local owners. For example, in our Middlesex store, find local art and jewelry curated by rising-owner Ryan Geary and his newly innovated Rabble-Rouser beeswax candle manufactory. In Montpelier, encounter the passion of 13 new, self-managing workers who collectively tend a huge, cozy, industrial community space, for all hours of the day, serving spirits, beer, wine, espresso, truffles, local cheeses, the performing arts and a lime green play apparatus for the kids. Montpelier events calendar available HERE. [link to calendar]

Rabble-Rouser Chocolate & Craft Co. is a labor revolution in the shape of a bean. A cocoa bean! Originally crafting just famously nut-packed Vermont Granola under the name "Nutty Steph's" as a sole proprietorship, we have traversed a deep, community oriented adventure through 15 years of growth, development, change, transformation and becoming. Through collaborative management practices and monthly, all-company finance reviews, Nutty Steph's began to accelerate its successes of unique products like Magic Chunks, The Love Bar, Bernie Bar, Maple Pistachio Toffee and CBD Dark Chocolate Hearts. The business grew strong enough to be sold by founder, Jaquelyn Fernandez Rieke, to the workers on April 1, 2019 to form a Worker-Owned Cooperative and the name was changed to Rabble-Rouser Chocolate & Craft Co. 

Cooperative Future
Immediately after cooperatizing in 2019, the tribe grew rapidly from 13 people to 32, we opened a second location [*in a a gorgeous abandoned building teeming with exposed brick] with a full cocktail bar, espresso service, CBD lounge, & stage. We tripled our production capacity and cordoned the founder to the tiny original Middlesex store where she will happily box up your truffles during her shop schedule, [*for decades to come, Goddess willing] every Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 10am-6pm. EXCEPT when she ships off to develop the next location of Rabble-Rouser and spends 6 months rousing in your town. If you would like to open a Rabble-Rouser factory store in your city or town, begin the hard work of building a revolution and let us know when you are ready to for us to meet the comrades.
 the original Rousers