About Us

 Originally an insult hurled at "troublemakers", "Rabble-Rouser" describes our mission of tasteful social change. Chocolate is simply the engine that powers our greater goal: strengthening, nourishing, and supporting our communities through the unifying power of exceptional chocolate, art, craft, and culture. We are dedicated to doing things differently. As a 100% worker-owned company, we believe that every worker, who is dedicated to their job working, should have the right to claim ownership and share in the profits of their labor. Through our shared hard work we hope to create a new culture of business, leisure, diversity, receptivity and humanity. 

We create luscious chocolate using top-quality cacao beans and return fair wages to the farmers who grow them. We distribute our famous Vermont Granola, chocolate bars, and other handcrafted delights to food coops and independent grocers across the world. Visit our factory store in historic downtown Montpelier to sip an espresso, witness the magic of our work, and indulge in exclusive on-site confections. 

Rabble-Rouser is 100% employee owned. Our pride shows in every bite. We invite you to spread the love, stir up some trouble, and for goodness sake, demand great chocolate!