Welcome to Rabble-Rouser, formerly Nutty Steph’s.

holePerhaps you have heard the news. After 17 years, Nutty Steph's is coming of age and, having opened a spectacular new factory and community space in Montpelier, and having recently become a Worker Owned Cooperative, and having taken a "groom" in marrying the Hive Gallery in Middlesex, and being the change makers that we are… we are changing our name. You will notice changes in our product packaging but never the formulas! And Nutty Steph's Granola will still always be Nutty Steph's Granola 

Thank you for your love of our incredible work. Thank you for your business. Thank you for your patience as we transition into our new identity. 

Visit our bricks and mortars:

Middlesex, VT at Camp Meade Artisan Comples 961C US Route, 802-225-6847  Open Daily 10am-6pm (Except Tues 10-12)

Montpellier, VT on Main Street, Montpelier with the big black brick wall64 Main Street, 1st Floor, 802-225-6227  Open Sun, Mon, Wed 8am-9pm and Th, F, Sa 8am-midnight 

Wholesale orders please call 802-229-2090 or email: orders@nuttystephs.com

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"helping to increase the quality of life for the land and the people who work it" -Sophie

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Nutty Steph's at Camp Meade

961 US Rt 2
Middlesex, VT 05602

Wednesday - Monday, 10am - 6pm
Tuesday, 12pm - 6pm


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