Dynamic Duo Hazelnut & Raspberry Chocolate Truffles

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We have found that hazelnut and raspberry are the dynamic duo of truffles and two of the most popular truffles in existence. There is precisely one ingredient we avoid in our hazelnut and raspberry truffles to make them the most delicious version of the classic imaginable: liqueur.  We find that this commonly relied-upon flavor agent gives chocolate a cloying sweetness. We don't like it. So we invented these sublime renditions of what you thought were your favorites. The flavor is derived from pure, meaty, luscious hazelnut and pure tart raspberry, respectively. The true flavor of the original inspiration. It takes a little more time and a little more thought to do it this way, but we're glad we do. We think you'll be glad too.

Box includes 2 Hazelnut chocolate truffles and 2 Raspberry chocolate truffles and we recommend eating them within 10-14 days for ultimate freshness since no preservatives are used just fresh cream straight from the local cows.