Our Secret Ingredients

What makes our products so delicious? The secret ingredients aren’t just edible!

The quality of our ingredients sets us apart from other chocolate companies. Every ingredient is carefully selected to meet the highest standards of quality - we never use GMO products, strive to use organic ingredients whenever possible, and choose to work with partners who share the same commitment to the land, the environment, and a better food system as we do. 

100% Employee-Owned

Rabble-Rouser is 100% employee-owned, and our pride in our work comes through in every bite. Each and every one of us is passionate about - and invested in - the work that we do, and every product that leaves our Montpelier, Vermont factory represents our hard work, our love of great chocolate, and our mission of tasteful social change. We use only the best ingredients, and strive to use organic and local products whenever possible. Top-quality chocolate and oats are the building blocks of almost all of our creations; we also source specialty ingredients from a range of local and global makers to create the finest confections around.

Our Chocolate

We believe our chocolate is the best you’ll ever taste! We use top-quality cacao beans from South & Central America, grown on small, family owned farms. Our sourcing company works closely with these farmers to maintain their land and increase the quality of life for those who work it. We are proud to work with and support this sustainable, ethical operation, and know you’ll taste the difference in our products.

Our Oats

 Our organic oats are grown in nearby Maine and are dry-rolled, which allows the oat to retain its natural properties and results in a more nutritious, more flavorful grain. Gluten-free oats are also available in our gluten-free granola.

Some of Our Other Core Inspir-edients

Raspberry Dust

Our raspberry dust is made with just one ingredient: organic raspberries.  We blend these berries into powder, which is used in several of our most popular products, including the Love Bar, the Raspberry Dark Chocolate Bar and our Dynamic Duo Truffle Box.

Butterworks Farm Cream

Butterworks Farm is dedicated to the health of the land, their cows, the people in their community, and the biodiverse systems that connect us all. This family farm is “where a cow can be a cow,” with a pasture-raised herd that produces a cream like no other. You can taste the love and care in this incredible local, organic cream. Each Rabble-Rouser truffle is a testament to the quality of this product.


Dulcey is a French product, created by a chocolatier who almost burned their white chocolate. Accidents are great inventors, and we are definitely grateful for this invention! White chocolate gets a bad rap, but that’s because most commercial chocolate makers skimp on the cocoa butter - the most delicious (and expensive) part of the cocoa bean. Done well, white chocolate is a vehicle to show off the smooth, creamy qualities of cocoa butter. And when it’s caramelized - as Dulcey is - it’s a whole ‘nother level of flavor. Whatever comes above divinity, that’s what Dulcey tastes like. When we stumbled across Dulcey in 2013, it was the tastiest thing we’d ever eaten. We immediately used it to create a new chocolate bar, for which we won the Good Food Award in 2014. Our Dulcey Truffle also won a Good Food Award for Best Confection this year, 2021.We use Dulcey in our truffles, chocolate bars, shortbread and Dulcey buttons.