Our Chocolate Sourcing Story

Chocolate Source - Mesocacao

Two Aprils ago, I traveled to South America with chocolate makers from around the U.S. to meet the farmers who grow the cacao for our chocolate and visit the factory where all the ingredients come together to create the chocolate disks we  use to create our much-loved confections, bars, and Magic Chunks.  

My trip was life changing and 100% reaffirming that we have found the best  country and the strongest chocolate sourcing company to work with. The farmers who grow the cacao own their land and grow cacao alongside many other tropical fruits, spices and plants, ensuring a variety of crops to increase their incomes.

The families who grow the cacao also work closely with Mesocacao staff to continually improve their practices to increase the quality of life for the land and the people who work it. We couldn't be prouder to support such a sustainable operation and present you with the best chocolate you will ever taste.

Sophie, head shopkeeper