Oh, My Oats!

Taste the Future of Nutty Steph's! 

          Nutty Steph's founder Jaquelyn Rieke had been searching for a new oat for our famous Vermont granola. She wanted something more sustainable and grown closer to home.
           After years of searching, Jaquelyn discovered her ideal grain. Our new oats are organic, grown in nearby Maine, and dry rolled, allowing the oat to retain its natural properties, resulting in a more nutritious, flavorful grain.
          Our recipe remains unchanged. We still bake our granola fresh each week and incorporate loads of whole walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds, packing each bite with maple-toasted, nutty nutrition to fuel your day.
            If you find you preferred our earlier version, not to worry! Order our gluten- free granola, made with the same recipe and style of oats we used before. Shop Now 

    rolled organic oats