How to order?

Call to order: (802) 229-2090 or visit our Montpelier factory store at 64 Main Street. (Our CBD chocolate products are not available for online purchase.)

Rabble-Rouser CBD Chocolate

The Rabble-Rouser CBD dark chocolate bar ($15) breaks into 18 equal-sized squares for measured consumption. It contains 90 mg of high-quality CBD from NEK Hemp, a family farm in the pristine region of Vermont lovingly called "the Northeast Kingdom." The purity and magic of our CBD source combines with the very same qualities of our Central American cocoa to produce a rich balance of spirit and taste unlike any other we've found.

We also infuse the NEK Hemp CBD oil into five varieties of Rabble-Rouser CBD chocolate hearts ($3 each, 4 for $10): dark chocolate, milk chocolate, orange dark chocolate, peppermint, and caramelized. 

How much to eat? 

We recommend starting with 3 squares (15 mg CBD) or 1 heart (13 mg CBD), assessing for any relaxing effects, and then deciding whether you want a little more. You will discover the amount that uniquely suits your body. Vermonters of all ages flock to our store for Rabble-Rouser's CBD chocolate bars and hearts, and they enjoy it for all different reasons, often related to sleep, anxiety, or pain.

Other CBD Goodness

For your cannabinoid pleasure, we also carry a range of Vermont CBD products, including dried CBD for rolling ($40), EMT Hemp oils and lotions ($12), Elmore Mountain Therapeutics CBD Rose Glow Salt Scrub ($25), and more. Ask the operator at our store or on the phone. 


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