Café Storefront

Visit our factory store in historic downtown Montpelier to sip an espresso, witness the magic of our work, and indulge in exclusive on-site confections. Rabble-Rouser acts as a local hub for chocolate, art, community, and culture in this prominent location. We are dedicated to doing things differently. As a 100% worker-owned company, through our shared hard work we hope to create a new culture of creativity, diversity, and humanity. We carry in-house made chocolate & confections, coffee & tea, cookies & food, crafts, local art, jewelry & other unique and eclectic items.  

Coffee & Espresso

We use Café Femenino’s Fair Trade espresso at our storefront, as well as for the coffee beans used for drip coffee.

In 2003, 464 women farmers in northern Peru created their own product and income by separating their coffee production from the men’s. Their coffee cooperative joined their commercial partner to create Café Femenino—a gender-focused program to support social justice and empowerment for women coffee producers worldwide. 

Our Drinks Menu is down below:                                                                                                        We also recently started serving lunch!

Our Seasonal Summer Menu Includes:
  • Cold Brew
  • Sip of Vermont
  • Iced Tea of the Day!
  • Fresh Lemonade
  • Matcha Lemonade
  • Unicorn Lemonade

Handcrafted Chocolate Confections                           

We create luscious chocolate using top-quality cacao beans and return fair wages to the farmers who grow them in Central America. Our chocolate is sourced from a Fair to Farmers company that indulges in direct trade which is traceable & ethical.

The company, Mesocacao, pays farmers 41% to 149% more than local market alternatives. 

The confections are all handcrafted in our storefront kitchen by our production team. 

They are all freshly displayed in the store, ready to be taken home or shipped! 

About our workers

As co-workers, we value each other, the communities we interact with, and the earth we live in. We seek to uphold our individuality - the unique needs of each person - while ever striving to unite and triumph as a team. We work to perform each interaction—with coworkers, customers, vendors, neighbors—with thoughtfulness and care. Rabble-Rouser strives to provide the opportunity for all workers to establish the sense of connectedness to life by operating open and compassionate systems. This is not “just to be nice,” but rather out of a business belief that compassionate unity is the most efficient path to long term stability, profitability, and collaborative gain. 

Born of a passion for democratic organizations, we dream of an environment in which all workers govern, and equally profit from, our own livelihoods, side by side as co-owners. After being on staff for at least 400 hours in a given calendar year, any worker may begin rising to ownership starting the following January via IC (Integrated Consensus) of the Owner Ship.  

Worker Benefits include:

  • Pooling of tips, distributed equally, based on hours worked during the profit-earning month.
  • Accrued Time off for Adventure as well as Wellness
  • Shop Discounts + Free Granola 
  • Confection and Drinks tasting
  • Ability to rise to full ownership

Lastly, our values are manifested through: Impeccable Food, Radical Inclusion and AutonomySourcing to SustainFostering Community & Modeling Collaborative Practices. 


Rabble-Rouser has been a hub for art since it opened in 2019. Over the years, we have had the honor of working with various local artists and showcasing their art on our store walls. We participate in Montpelier Art Walks hosted by Montpelier Alive as a way a fun and casual way to experience art, meet local artists, and explore downtown shops, restaurants, and galleries. 

We also keep consignment items in our store that include items like paintings, prints, custom stickers, homemade candles, books, pottery, and many more!

Email for your stuff to be featured!