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“Planned Parenthood has been under fierce attacks, we came within a vote of losing funding for Planned Parenthood

…any support we can give Planned Parenthood is a step.”

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Check out the "Aired-Out" Podcast by JD Green!

Ahead of their FEM COM event THE HEAT GETS TURNED UP on AIRED OUT as I welcome the ladies of Nutty Steph's in Middlesex VT (Jaquelyn Rieke and Martina Anderson) in celebration of International Women's Day. They're trying to raise $100,000 for Planned Parenthood of Northern New England by selling 100,000 chocolate vulvas. Watch Aired-Out on Now

We are proud to partner with, Hilde Atalanta!

Illustrations from The Vulva Gallery have been incorporated into our one of a kind collectors cards, 1 of 8 found in every chocolate vulva box. Each one provides sexual health education and shows beautiful images of vulvas from all over the world! Helps us raise $25,000 for Hilde and  The Vulva Gallery, by purchasing a vulva (or five) today! Instagram: @hildeatalanta /

Talking Chocolate Vulvas with Martina Anderson of Nutty Steph's!

Martina Anderson pronounces the word "vulva" differently from most Vermonters. A native of Austria, she gives the first syllable a rounder, fuller sound. Her "vul" rhymes with "wool." Voolvah.

Read the full Seven Days article here.

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