Chocolate-covered granola: peanut butter Magic Chunks

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Customers are continuously blown away by the pure deliciousness of peanut butter Magic Chunks. That's because we make our own milk chocolate by blending dark and white, and then we mix in the peanut butter. The result is smooth, sweet, and crunchy. You will want to die in a pile of these Chunks. We challenge you to identify a better-tasting food in the world. 

This hearty 16-oz bag will not be "too much to have in the house."

Ingredients - cocoa, organic oats, peanut butter, organic milk, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, sunflower oil, maple syrup, cane sugar, cinnamon, organic vanilla, non-GMO soy lecithin

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I’m Obsessed

The only reason I’m on the website is because I randomly picked up a bag of this stuff at a maple syrup store in Vermont and now I’m home in New Jersey and the bag is gone and I MUST HAVE MORE! Seriously. This needs to be in my mouth.


Magic Chunks are AMAZING!!! Crumbly, so be careful eating because you don't want any bits getting lost. Every crumb is coated! SO YUM! And I feel it's a healthier snack than most.


These are unbelievably good. I wondered if they may be too sweet, but they're truly perfect -- the perfect combination of granola, PB, and chocolate. My only problem is that I can eat an entire bag in one day.

Robin N.
Oh. My. Goodness!

I can’t even. Magic Chunks are actually magical! I’m on this website because I’m running out of the magic!! I can’t decide if I love the dark chocolate or the peanut butter more. I love them both. I can eat two chunks with a glass of milk and it makes a respectable breakfast. I can have one chunk with tea and it’s a nice bedtime snack. Really, they are very useful. Highly recommend! 100 stars!

Emily D.

Thousand of miles away in the Rocky Mountains of Utah are adoring fans of the Vermont magic hiding in the Peanut Butter Magic Chunks!!! This is such an amazing treat for the skiers and hikers and bikers. Thank you!!! Keep creating the magic :)

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