The Violin Family children's book

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Gorgeous book from local cellist/educator/author, Melissa Perley. 


Praise for The Violin Family:

While reading The Violin Family my inner child wanted to do nothing more than be  adopted into their happy family quintet and make music forever. 

- RON THOMPSON, Psy. M.A. author and former member of the National Symphony  Orchestra, Washington, D.C.
In this unique and charming story by first time author Melissa Perley, The Violin Family celebrates the voices  and musical personalities that make up a string quintet. Educational and entertaining, this delightful children’s  book is soon to become a favorite of musicians and readers young and old. 
Fiona Lee MacLean brings the personality of each instrument family member to life with her sweet and colorful  illustrations as the scenes of the story unfold.
-Jennifer Churchman, Author, New York Times Best Selling Children's Book Series Sweet Pea & Friends


The Violin Family is a delightful, warm-hearted book that introduces young and not-so young readers to the violin family of string instruments. Author Melissa Perley, through clever and endearing storytelling, reveals each member of the violin family’s unique personality and role in classical music as well as in popular genres. Fiona Lee MacLean lovingly illustrates  the story in playful colors and cheerful detail.                         

- Kari Juusela, award-winning cellist and composer, former dean at Berkley College of Music.

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