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Our Love Bar features peppermint white chocolate blended with organic freeze-dried raspberries. The bar gets its delightful pink color from infusion with crushed freeze-dried raspberries—so don't worry: You won't find artificial coloring or preservatives in this product, ever! The Love Bar is a gateway substance for (former) white chocolate resisters. Try it. You'll love it.

Ingredients - sugar, cocoa butter, milk, organic freeze-dried raspberries, pure vanilla, soy lecithin, sunflower oil, peppermint oil.

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Love to love the Love Bar

Every time I have the pleasure of eating a Nutty Steph’s Love Bar I am amazed anew at how delicious they are — the gentle tang of raspberries, the sweet creaminess of white chocolate and the sublest hint of peppermint combine to create a perfectly balanced white chocolate bar. Truly scrumptious, and the perfect Valentine’s Day gift — who needs a heart-shaped box of waxy candy when you can have a stack of handmade Love Bars! ❤️

Ed R.
So wonderful

I just got mailed the love bar in the care package to Minneapolis I was so surprised by the beautiful blending of the white chocolate raspberry and peppermint A perfect balance Each flavor complementing the other, while not overtaking. Brilliant thank you

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