Whiskey Cayenne Chocolate Truffles

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The whiskey is subtle. The cayenne is subtle. The fresh, South American chocolate ganache is divine. Put it all together and you have a taste treat that is downright romantic. Oops!  Don't forget the best part: a small topper, a couple of pink peppercorns. The pink peppercorn is a fancy contemporary food trend, and for good reason. A perfect flavor profile resembling a cross between fresh pepper & seed of pomegranate. Don't miss it! These miniature orbs of flaming red bring an unforgettable twist to Nutty Steph's Whiskey Cayenne truffle that is sure to delight any grown-up kid awaiting the rosy-cheeked fat man on a cold wint'rs eve.

Box of 4 Wiskey Cayenne Chocolate Truffles and we recommend eating them within 10-14 days for ultimate freshness since no preservatives are used just fresh cream straight from happy Vermont cows!

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