Under New Ownership

Nutty Steph's was purchased from S. Jaquelyn Rieke on April 1, 2019. Fear not, though. Unlike many business sales, this will not result in the skimping of product quality, the "consolidation" of an amazing staff, and the changing or watering down of a strong, mission-driven sense of purpose. Quite the opposite. What miracle allowed us such an integral transformation? Worker Ownership! For 5 years, we have paved the way for this transition, and we are duly satisfied and energized by finalizing the change. 

Jaquelyn and her husband, Rauli Fernandez, are among two of the four founding owners of the new Worker Owned Cooperative, Nutty Steph's Collective Co, along with Liz Knapp and Martina Anderson. Future workers will rise to ownership, continually, through a 2-year process.

Becoming a co-op is possible for every kind of business, and it is a great benefit to the founder, the workers, and the community. We believe it is the business model of the future, the solution to problems created by resource extraction and wealth inequality that plague our contemporary systems of business as usual.  Thanks for your support throughout this journey to a Nutty new plateau. We look forward to serving you for decades, centuries to come, until long after the founder, or any owner, is dead and gone or fired for going rogue and truly turning Nutty. We're all set up for that now that we are worker owned, forever!