Sweet Feat: Rabble-Rouser and Friends Enter Guinness World Records with Giant Gooey S'More

"Community, Creativity, Collaboration." And Chocolate!

Rabble-Rouser and Friends Enter Guinness World Records 


What happens when bakers, chocolate makers, and community movers and shakers (plus a bunch of other folks) get together on a dark winter's night in Vermont? In Middlesex in December, 2019, what happened was "S'Morestice," a Vermont-style festival created around a record-breaking s'more.

" Given that our neighbors were bread makers and we are chocolate makers, and all of us love to bring people together, our landlords [Planetary Matters] dreamed of producing an enormous s'more," says Jaquelyn Rieke, Rabble-Rouser founder.
The 343-pound dessert earned Rabble-Rouser and friends a place in Guinness World Records, toppling the previous record, held by a production studio.                 
"It was a very festive day!" Rieke describes a dozen "elf-like performers, who wore giant baking hats and narrated the whole process and passed out the sticky, gooey pieces of s'more to hundreds of people around an enormous bonfire. We made 16 chocolate bars, each 216 square inches large, which were melted onto the record confection with a blow torch."                                                                                        
Ren Hen Bakery supplied the graham crackers, Monarch and the Milkweed made the marshmallows, and Planetary Matters provided the space at Camp Meade.
Twelve hundred guests helped polish off the giant campfire treat—something Rieke acknowledges the impossibility of in these days of distancing and mask wearing. "Glad it happened when it did," she says.