On Love & Chocolate

Valentine's Day is over, but we decided to keep our Chocolate Dipped Maple Hearts in the permanent collection. They are not only beautiful and tasty, but also a symbol of love, which, increasingly, describes the mission of our work at Nutty Steph's.

This is perhaps corny, and certainly broad, to say our mission is "love," so allow me to extrapolate: I am referring specifically about consent. In our military-capitalist culture, consent is a practice that is massaged out of our skill set, starting with school, where teacher is boss and leading into workplace, where boss is boss, and we are not ultimately tasked with self-direction or allowed space to build shameless accountability. Our ingrained authoritarian practices carry over into our relationship with Earth, wherein we are taught to systematically ignore her cries and build habits consuming goods whose production destroy her. Love, at Nutty Steph's, means building democratic systems that preserve the integrity of Earth and worker.

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