A Delicious Combination

You love Nutty Steph's for our pure and delicious granola and chocolate, but did you know how hell bent we are on economic justice? We will soon be a worker-owned cooperative and it is okay if you have no idea what that is! October is National Co-op Month, though, so indulge me:

Cooperative culture has been carving inroads through the American way of commerce for just about 100 years in response to the rising tyranny of industrial consolidation. Co-ops offer an alternative to the American tradition of absolute power and ownership, the culture of conquest and the faithful virtue of individual achievement. In my experience, this virtue is made of dust and delusion. We must blow that dust off our concept of "work" before we can make our way out of chronic American social inequality. Good work is not an individual act.

People who work here are owners or rising owners. This means workers operate with the total efficiency of people in charge of their own destinies.

...Like business owners. Because they are! For me, the founder, it offers the spiritual food of equal teamwork, (truly, fiscally equal) and the resulting bonus of what I call the extra entity of the cooperative mind. Operating cooperatively also serves my mental and physical health by eliminating the dance with unchecked risk, the role of arbitrating unilaterally the destiny of others, the inclination to overwork, to flirt with nepotism, to bang my head against the problematic illusion that one human could determine the value of another. Instead, we share the profits according to hours worked. This provides a clear, objective calculation of the value of all workers. Work more = Worth more. Now THAT is pure and delicious.