How To Read Rabble-Rouser Date Codes

How To Read Your Rabble-Rouser Date Code

It’s a short trip from our kitchens to your doorstep—with no stops at warehouses or third-party distributors—so your Rabble-Rouser Vermont Granola or chocolate arrives fresh.

Want to know exactly when it was made? Look for a small white rectangular sticker with 4 digits, such as “352.0.” The first two digits represent the week (for instance, the 35th week of the year). The second two display the year. (“2.0” means “manufactured in 2020.” So “352.0” equals “the thirty-fifth week of 2020.”) We guarantee granola for four months and chocolate for one year after their production dates.

If you taste or read anything that suggests less than perfect freshness, get in touch right away and we’ll replace the item—today.