Holy Bunny Resurrection: Rising From the Dead in Modern Chocolate America



Spring into spring with double the reasons to celebrate: Chocolate Bunny Season is overlapping with International Women’s Month this year, so onward chocolate soldiers. Shop our Spring Collection now, especially you sinners that didn't know Easter's on April 4!


As we enter this new season, much is rising as other things fall. Social closeness will be rising as pandemic infection rates decline. The sunlight will continue to grow as winter dies away. Racial justice legislation is being adopted as statues of historic bad guys are literally felled like trees. When Deborah Haaland was confirmed as the Secretary of the Interior this week, it began a Native American rise to governmental power as America ever so slowly allows our history of supremacy to fall. The small, furry mammal population is definitely on the rise as the Vermont snow melts away. 


Here at Rabble-Rouser, our company culture of collaboration and inclusion is growing as, with hard work and steadfast commitment, we allow our assumptions about power to continually be laid bare. 


Spring is a season of change - out with the old, in with the new. And we’ve got just the stuff to help you celebrate. Honor International Women’s Month with a Chocolate Vulva (with the added bonus of helping to support Planned Parenthood of Northern New England). Give a nod to the season’s most well-known resurrection with a “Jesus was Breastfed” pin and other irreverent Jesus-themed merch. Or stick with the classics: nothing quite says Spring like a chocolate bunny