Rabble-Rouser Wins National 2021 GOOD FOOD AWARDS

Rabble-Rouser's Award-Winning Dulcey Truffle from the 2021 Good Food Awards

We are thrilled to announce that Rabble-Rouser has been named a winner of the Good Food Awards for our Dulcey Truffle!

The Good Food Awards recognize the nation’s best in tasty, responsible fare each year, and we were selected out of nearly 2,000 entries in 16 categories of farmers and food crafters leading the way in quality, sustainability and socially responsible production.

The Rabble-Rouser Dulcey Truffle is made with Dulcey, an extremely unique French blonde chocolate, also known as "the fourth kind of chocolate." Dulcey chocolate was invented accidentally when a French chocolatier almost burned a batch of white chocolate and, in rapidly cooling it down, created a complex culinary experience of creaminess and toasty flavor with overtones of shortbread. Although "Dulcey," (pronounced Dull-See,) is derived from the Spanish word Dulce, or sweet, the Dulcey Truffle is dipped in dark chocolate and topped with sea salt, resulting in a balanced palette for truffle critics and dark chocolate lovers alike. Dulcey was also featured in our Salted Caramel Bar, which won the Good Food Award in 2014.

The truffle is also made with cream from Butterworks Farm. A leading agricultural icon in Vermont for decades, Butterworks Farm produces cream with cows that live organic lives from generation to generation, consuming only grass grown on-site at Butterworks Farm. Rabble-Rouser is proud to support and partner with this Vermont institution, and to use the farm’s exceptional cream in their products.

Buy the Dulcey Truffle at rabblerouser.net, or come visit our Montpelier coffee shop at 64 Main Street! A two-week-long Good Food Awards Pop Up Shop on the Good Food Foundation website will also make the winning product available to peruse and purchase with a single basket checkout from January 25 to February 7.