Everybunny's Coming Out on Easter, But You Peeps..

You peeps are staying home. Thank you for standing together by staying apart. Rabble-Rouser's high quality,  Chocolate Bunnies & Carrots are now available for order online.

This year, for Central & Northern Vermonters only, we will congregate with you by phone and prepare a Chocolate communion for you & isolated Green Mountain dwellers everywhere. A prophesy to be fulfilled, on your doorstep, April 11/12. Call now to prepare your "holy Rabble resurrection" home delivery! A minimum order of $50 is suggested.

This festive, Resurrection-but-Not-of-COVID19 event will safely promise a delightful wake-up on Sunday, April 12, 2020, with sweet surprises, conveniences & indulgences for you and those you are stuck with.

Order deadline: Call deadline is April 10 at noon. 

Phone number: 802-229-2090. Please leave a message; Office hours limited. Talk to you soon! 

Products available: Everything you love from our website and stores, plus exclusive local offerings in the rainbow below. 

You flatten the curve and we'll bring everybunny to you. Call 802-229-2090 today.


the Rabble 


Exclusive Local Offerings for April 11 Delivery to Local Vermonters -

Manghi's fresh Cinnamon Rolls $9.75

Manghi's fresh Hot Cross Buns $9.75

Dal, Chai and Samosas:

Warm, delicious tastes from our 64 Main Street cafe, (A proverbial cave-with-a-rock-at-the-entrance, at present.) All from-scratch Indian delectables for a nourishing Sunday. Reheat Dal or Chai in micro or stovetop, toast samosas in oven, toaster oven or stovetop sauté. Dal lentil soup Quart (3 servings) $12.50. Half Gallon (6 servings) $22.50. Samosa, choose from 7 flavors, $3.75ea. Our sublime, house made, Maple Chai, choose cow or coconut milk, Half Gallon $11. 

We Hide the Eggs:

Decorated eggs for your eating and frolicking pleasure. Organic. Includes hiding service if selected, free of charge, and your eggs will be carefully lain around your lawn for Sunday morning hide-n-seek. Just like Jesus did it. $20/per set of twenty five 

Local Lemongrass Hand Soap.

It's shaped like an egg, adorable. Each one unique, cut by hand from all organic ingredients. ALSO, from the same maker, Antennae Wilde, we have hand sanitizer made in Essex with the recipe and process prescribed by the CDC. Lemongrass Hand Soap $6.50. Hand Sanitizer $9.50 - limit 3 per customer.

Pandemic Art Prints.

Historic. Satiric. Pandemic. We must keep our senses of humor to get through uncertain times. Original artwork from Rabble-Rouser rising owner, Ryan Geary. This is a limited print series, while supplies last. $25 each print. $110 Rabble-Rouser Full Collection 7 Archival Pandemic Prints.

CBD Chocolate Hearts and Bars. 

Plus other local CBD delights - so soothing. Bunny Resurrection DEAL: 25% OFF CBD Full spectrum CBD oil at $65, Tin of Eucalyptus or Lavender CBD balm now $15, luscious CBD Body and Face oil just $9, CBD Sugar Scrub $17.50, 90MG CBD BAR ONLY $15, CBD hearts in 5 flavors, $2.50 each or $8 for a 4-pack.