Delightful Dulcey: a blond with a story

“Blond chocolate emerged from France, and the culinary world moved beyond just dark, milk, and white. Rabble-Rouser’s Dulcey truffle presents an impeccable profile of the world's fourth type of chocolate."

—Liz Knapp, head chocolatier and co-owner of Rabble-Rouser Chocolate & Craft Co.

The namesake for my award-winning Dulcey Truffle is often mistaken for the Spanish word "dulce:” a sweet food or drink. In fact, the Dulcey Truffle is not too sweet, but rather a fine balance of rich dark chocolate coating, coarse sea salt on top, and the incredible Dulcey (with a "y") ganache at its heart. Dulcey is made from caramelized cocoa butter and milk, also known as "blond chocolate."

Sweet memory: When we invented the Dulcey Truffle, I was working nights at our cocktail bar. At the end of every shift, I enjoyed a Dulcey Truffle with a lowbrow, old-school bottle of beer. Night after night, I savored the Dulcey truffle, asking myself, What does this REMIND me of? The creamy ganache center, enrobed in dark chocolate and topped with sea salt outwitted me for 3 months before it came to me: cookie dough! It's a “wicked fancy” truffle, but when the dark chocolate coating melts away and before the salty endnote takes hold, the caramelized blonde chocolate ganache melts into your taste buds exactly like a gooey nip of cookie dough.

 The Dulcey Truffle: finalist for the 2021 Good Food Award