Consumer Revolution Needed

On July 1, Vermont pioneered modern American consumer protection by passing a law requiring all grocery products to be labelled if they contain GMOs.  (Citizens of the world are way ahead of the contiguous states on this issue; This is a picture I took in 2014.)
The Vermont law took several years of hearings and negotiation, and follows two decades of established labeling legislation in dozens of European and South American nations. Then Vermont was sued by Big Ag interests and won, costing it gobs of money.  But we won!  (Imagine: this passing is a massive triumph even though the law doesn't even approach outlawing the use of GMOs.  It merely require that their use be disclosed.)
But American corporate food interests could stand for no such requirement.  About 5 days after the passing of Vermont's Right To Know act, lobbyist-controlled US Senators presented a brand new bill, with absolutely no history behind it, no research or hearings, completely out of nowhere, to outlaw state labeling legislation.  It has been deemed the DARK Act, or "Denying Americans the Right to Know."
I am brought to tears at present as I write, just imagining the corruption that has so horridly poisoned our food systems for the last 100 years, our agricultural ways of life, the midwestern soils, the Mississippi dead zone, the irreversible spreading of genetically modified seeds to all American farm fields, the increased immunity of pests to pesticides, and the subsequent increased strength and diversity of pesticides and then repeated immunity to them again.
 One of the most disturbing things I ever learned about GMO crops is that some of them produce sterile seeds, rendering farmers dependent on always re-purchasing seeds rather than the multi-thousand years old, highly intelligent benefit of our natural existence, the free and independent procreation of our food.
This culinary takeover is the most dangerous political tyranny. We are at the end of our rope after this hundred-year experiment in military agricultural industry. It's time for the many-headed monster of America's food politics to be chopped off and decompose into our world's still-barely-living soil, so that we may begin to re-emerge with a shred of our human agricultural integrity.
Here at Nutty Steph's we practice what we preach and our Chocolates Bars, Granola and Trail Mix, and Chocolate Confections are GMO Free and our ingredients are thoughtfully sourced. Check out more about this here.  Thanks for your support and enjoy our yummy real food for real people!