The Story Behind The Magic

Early one spring, just as Vermont sugar makers were boiling off the first batches of fragrant maple syrup, we had a little blip at the granola bakery: a whole 1,000 pound batch of granola came out of the oven without its signature crunch. Wondering if the moisture of the spring thaw was to blame, our master baker Patrick checked the temperature and humidity in the bakery. After a few small adjustments he baked another batch, but again the crunch was absent. In desperation, he decided to try a new shipment of oats from a different grower, but still the granola wasn’t up to his exacting standards for crunchiness! This left Nutty Steph’s with 3,000 pounds of potential compost

Meanwhile, Jaquelyn’s good friend Patty had long been trying to convince her to create a new product by mixing Nutty Steph’s granola with melted chocolate. After repeatedly refusing, Jaquelyn was finally swayed when she went on a picnic with Patty and her chocolate-covered granola, and watched friends and family empty a bag in less than ten minutes. Jaquelyn knew just what to do, and Nutty Steph's crunch-less granola was reborn as one of the world’s most delectable and wholesome treats. Divine inspiration met practicality, and Magic Chunks were born!  

For those of you who can’t stand to see a mystery go unsolved, we also figured out what led to the unusual, crunch-less granola: The sugar content in the new spring batch of maple syrup was slightly less than it had been in the standardized barrels of syrup from the year before. As anyone who’s ever tried to skimp on the sugar in a cookie recipe knows, the right amount of sugar is essential for crunch and texture. The creation of Magic Chunks proves that there are no mistakes, only happy accidents!